Programme 2015

Wednesday 25 November 2015
09:00- 10:15 Registration
10:15- 10:45 Opening address
Professor Derek Gallen
National Director of UK Foundation Programme
Postgraduate Dean for Wales
President of the Academy of Medical Educators
Mr Simon Stevens
CEO, NHS England
10:45- 11:30 PLENARY SESSION 1
The role of medical leaders in improving value in the NHS

This session will argue that now more than ever medical leadership is needed to improve value in the NHS. It will draw on evidence and experience from the NHS and other health care systems to illustrate how medical leaders at all levels can contribute to delivering better outcomes for patients and releasing resources.

Professor Chris Ham
Chief Executive, The King’s Fund, London, UK

11:30- 11:45 Q&A
11:45- 12:15 Refreshments, exhibition, networking, posters
12:15- 13:15 Workshops Session A:
A1:   Return to Practice
A2:   Litigation Avoidance in Education
A3:   Resilience
A4:   Reflective Practice
A5:   Confidentiality: Electronic Media and Mobile Devices’
A6:   Academic clinical training. How can we ensure excellent progress in both academic and clinical training
A7:   Sharing Best Practice
A8:   The Able Trainee
13:15- 14:15 Lunch and exhibition
Network with key educational leaders
14:15- 15:00 PLENARY SESSION 2:
Preparing learners to inherit the earth

As medical educators we tend to hold arguably fixed views working across divides; “undergraduate-postgraduate”,  “secondary –primary care” and “generalism – specialism“ and  to retain an entrenched retrospective  view that “ trainees are not as good as we were in our day.”  Are we ducking the challenges facing the young and failing to prepare them for the unknowns of their future world?  We need to break the traditions of our own learning, change our visionary focus, and develop a continuum of educational partnership with our young. Unless we do this we risk delivering a workforce unprepared to inherit the ever increasing complexity of global health care.

Professor Valerie Wass
Emeritus Professor of Medical Education
Faculty of Health, Keele University, Staffordshire, UK

15:00- 15:15 Q&A
15:15 – 15:30 Transfer to workshops
15:30- 17:00 Workshops Session B:
B11:  Career Choices
B12:  Recognising Quality Education
B13: Supporting Learners in Transition through Induction programmes
B14:  Collaborating to Drive up Quality
B15:  Leadership and Development of Trainees
B16:  Simulations
B17:  Professionalism
17:00- 17:30 Refreshments, exhibition, networking, posters
17:30- 17:40 Special
lecture welcome
17:40- 18:40 AOME Calman Lecture
The GMC as a 21st century patient safety organisation – the role of education

Professor Stephenson will discuss putting safety and quality of patient care at the core of medical education. He will discuss how the GMC can make patient care safer through:
•    Training tomorrow’s doctors & revalidating today’s doctors
•    UKMLA (UK Medical Licensing Assessment)
•    PLAB
•    Generic capabilities for trainees
•    Standards for medical education & training
•    The national Trainee survey
We need an environment which ensures that students and doctors in training are given the right support so they are able gain the appropriate experience to provide safe, effective and compassionate care for their patients.

Professor Terence Stephenson
Chair of Council, General Medical Council, London, UK

18:40 End of conference day one
18:45- 21:00 Evening buffet reception
Thursday 26 November 2015
08:30- 09:15 Registration
The Value of Health Profession Education in Improving Population Health in a Time of Transformation

American health care is in the midst of a once-in-two-generations transformation. Given the need for dramatic improvement in patient experience, quality, and cost effectiveness of care for the entire population, how can health professional education help?

Dr Warren Newton
Director, North Carolina AHEC, USA

View the slide set here

10:00- 10:15 Q&A
10:15- 11:00 Refreshments, exhibition, networking, posters
11:00- 12:30 Workshops Session C:
C19:  Education to Promote Compassionate Care
C20:  Quality Improvement
C21:  Global Health Training
C22:  Wider Medical Workforce
C23: Multi Professional Focus
C24:  Values
C25:  Supporting Trainees
12:30- 13:30 Lunch, exhibition, and networking
13:30- 14:15 PLENARY SESSION 4
Future professionals for future health systems

Having worked in 60 countries on more than 200 occasions over the last five years, Mark will share the insights from his travels on the common challenges facing the world’s health systems and the varied solutions different countries are pursuing in response. He will explore how health systems in the future will be profoundly different from those we see today, and require fundamental shifts in the mindset, skills and cadres of health professionals.

Dr Mark Britnell
Chairman & Partner, Global Health Practice, KPMG

14:15- 14:30 Q&A
14:30- 14:45 Transfer to Workshops
14:45- 16:15 Workshops Session D:
D27:  Patient Safety and Human Factors
D28: New Ways of Educating and Cross Speciality Learning in Primary Care
D29:  Doctors with Difficulty Progressing in Training
D30:  Difficult Conversations
D31:  Adaptive Leadership
D32:  Professional Standards
D33:  Getting Published
16:15- 16:30 Closing remarks
Professor Bill Reid
Chair COPMeD (UK)
Dean of Postgraduate Medicine, SE Scotland, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
16:30 End of conference

Attendance at the workshops is on a first come, first served basis. Please indicate your top 3 preferences when completing the on line booking form.