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Call for parallel session proposals : Entry # 1 Adding Novel Elements to Traditional Simulation with Gamification Techniques
Session title:
Adding Novel Elements to Traditional Simulation with Gamification Techniques
Please provide one paragraph of text limited to 50 words which is a summarisation of your session
A discussion of using ‘game’ elements and techniques as an addition to traditional simulation methods to improve engagement and learning outcomes and bridge the gap between clinical and non-clinical teaching. Examples of this have been use of medical escape rooms, virtual reality and competitive elements.
Learning Objectives
Outline some gamification techniques from simple adjuncts to full immersion
Discuss how to add these to current teaching methods
Describe the evidence that supports their use in medical education
Session theme:
Teaching and facilitating learning
Does your session specifically target a particular group?
Preferred session delivery:
Face to face
Preferred session format:
Unlimited number of attendees
  • Yes
Have you presented this in the UK this year?
  • No
Explain the ways in which you will ensure your session will be interactive/encourage participation from workshop attendees? (polling and Q&A will be enabled via the conference app)
Practical examples of game elements to try, group tasks and discussions, polling and interactive presentation
What are the benefits to DEMEC attendees, your institution and/or to the medical/healthcare community?
Insight into a relatively novel method of education including with case studies and use cases from undergraduate and postgraduate teaching sessions. Some practical experience in incorporating these elements and designing immersive simulation.
If at all, how do you plan to involve early career researchers in your session?
This is a novel technique with a relatively limited amount of good data in the postgraduate medical field with opportunity for further research
Contact Information
Name of submitting Organisation:
North Devon District Hospital
Lead Contact Name:
Thomas Badenoch
Contact Phone:
Contact Email:
[email protected]
Facilitator / Moderator / Chair details
Speaker 1
Parallel session speaker name + job title + name of institution which you are representing
Thomas Badenoch, General Surgery SpR
Speaker Email
[email protected]
Short biography (100 words MAX – note word count below the box)
A General Surgery Registrar with a special interest in Medical Education and novel simulation, I have spent time working for the University of Bristol teaching Undergraduate Medical Students and investigating and developing gamification techniques in medical simulation. Successfully piloting trials using these techniques for simulation of human factors, ATLS, and have started developing these techniques for post-graduate surgical trainees.
Presentation experience
Association of Surgeons in Training Conference
Association for the Study of Medical Education Annual Scholarship Meeting
Centre for Health Sciences Education: Teaching and Learning Conference
Ethics Approval:
Additional speaker details
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Scoring 1 (Adding Novel Elements to Traditional Simulation with Gamification Techniques)(Required)
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