1. Designing and planning learning (view final poster listing)
2. Teaching and facilitating learning (view final poster listing)
3. Assessment of learning (view final poster listing)
4. Educational research and scholarship (view final poster listing)
5. Educational management and leadership (view final poster listing)
6. Core values of medical educators (view final poster listing)
CLOSED Deadline for poster abstract  submission
Wednesday 31 July 2019 Poster authors notified of outcome
Monday 2 September 2019 Standard registration rate closes

DEMEC 2019 will cover 6 themes following the AoME Professional Standards – Core Values and Five Domains

The Academy of Medical Educators’ Professional Standards Framework makes explicit the values, skills, knowledge and practical capabilities required of those engaged in medical education. The Standards have been developed in wide consultation with professional medical educators. The framework is outcome-based and generic in nature; it is designed to be inclusive and relevant to all clinical and non-clinical medical educators irrespective of role.

The Professional Standards support the maintenance of good medical practice and are used to support professional development, annual appraisal and revalidation. They are relevant to all educational roles and responsibilities. Membership and Fellowship of AoME exceed the minimum GMC requirements for clinical trainers.

The winning poster from each of the session categories below will be invited to present their work orally in a 10 minute session during lunch on Tuesday.

Primary healthcare themed posters are strongly encouraged. Contributions from all levels of the education and training community are welcome (medical students, foundation year doctors, GPSTs and the training community).

PHC posters will be judged on Monday 1 December with the winning poster being published in a special edition of Education for Primary Care.

Poster winners will notified in advance of the conference and will be presented with a prize during the welcome reception on Monday evening.

  1. Designing and planning learning
  2. Teaching and facilitating learning
  3. Assessment of learning
  4. Educational research and scholarship
  5. Educational management and leadership
  6. Core values of medical educators

Posters should be available to view by delegates throughout the conference on both Monday 2 and Tuesday 3 December.

Authors should make themselves available during the refreshment and lunch breaks to discuss their work. However there will be no moderated poster session during the conference.

A limited number of conference travel grants are available to students and trainees who have submitted posters for DEMEC and had confirmation that their work has been accepted.

Poster submission instructions and online form:

Set up and removal:

Set up:
Monday 2 December from 09:00 hrs.

Please ensure that you poster is available to view at the latest by 11:20 hrs for the mid-morning refreshment break.
We would respectively ask that posters are available for view throughout the conference but you are not required to be by your poster except during lunch on Monday.

Tuesday 3 December NO LATER than 16:00 hrs.
Posters still displayed after this time will be removed and destroyed.

Poster Board Size:
2m (top to bottom) x 1m (left to right) – PORTRAIT – (100cm wide x 200cm deep)
Your poster should be printed to A0 size (841mm x 1189 mm)

Please ensure:
1. Your poster is printed to portrait and NOT landscape size
2. That your poster is printed to A0 size (841mm x 1189 mm)
3. That you DO NOT print your poster onto material as this will not stick with velcro to the poster board and the use of pins is not allowed on the boards provided. We suggest you print your poster onto matte or satin finish paper with a paper weight of between 190 and 230 gramme.

Velcro only can be used to attach your poster to the poster board.
Velcro will be provided and will be stuck to your board ready for your use on arrival.
If your poster is of the material kind please bring 2-3 extra large bull dog clips with you to affix the poster to the board as the velcro may not adhere to the poster material in all cases.

Submission instructions: (Please read carefully before submitting your abstract)

Submissions will only be accepted on line by clicking on the link below.

  1. The abstract must not have been published before.
  2. By submitting your abstract, you or an associate author are obliged to be available over the conference period (Monday 2 and Tuesday 3 December 2019) to discuss your poster depending on the outcome of the blind marking.
  3. Abstracts should be clear and concise.
  4. It is the authors responsibility to ensure that correct grammar is used and that the abstract is checked for grammatical or other errors prior to submission.
  5. Submit your abstract by completing the form below and also attaching a word version (in case of symbol sensitivity or inclusion of graphs or pictures).
  6. Posters will be category grouped at the conference. There will be 6 categories. Please indicate on the form below which category you feel your abstract should be included under.
  7. ABSTRACT TITLE – in CAPITALS and NO MORE than 250 characters.
  8. AUTHOR(S) – with brief affiliations and NO MORE than four lines. (Surname followed by initials, each author name separated by a comma)
  9. LEAD AUTHOR – indicate this in the authors listing with an * besides your name.
  10. If authors have different affiliations they can be indicated by superscript numbers or letters. Please ensure that a full list of authors and affiliations are included. Denote the name(s) of department, institution and address.
  11. ABSTRACT TEXT – The length of an abstract body should not exceed more than 2500 characters. Ensure the abstract includes a clear introduction, methods for the work and conclusions/implications.
  12. Acknowledgements may be included at the end.
  13. Avoid abbreviations; if used, they must be defined.
  14. Use single-spaced typing of 12 pitch (point) type of normal lettering.
  15. A maximum of one table per abstract can be included, inserted into the abstract as a jpg file and included in the 2500 characters.
  16. Ensure your complete abstract, including any images or tables, fits onto ONE A4 sheet. Abstracts that roll over onto more than one sheet of A4 will not be considered.
  17. IMAGES should be submitted as jpg files within the abstract and be legible to a maximum size of 8 x 8 cm.
  18. Acknowledgements may be included at the end.
  19. Avoid abbreviations; if used, they must be defined.

Abstracts which do not conform to the guidelines will not be accepted.

Abstracts will be blind marked by committee, per category.

Poster abstracts will be made available on the DEMEC website post conference in pdf form.
Poster abstracts will not be published elsewhere.

For poster submission enquiries please contact:
Suzanne Randall